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We provide physiotherapy throughout Cork City & County

Physiotherapy Services in Co. Cork

Are you having trouble with some aspect of body movement? Victoria Healthcare Organisation, based in West Cork, provides hands-on, evidence-based, high-quality physiotherapy services for a variety of conditions throughout Co. Cork. Our physiotherapy treatments are designed to alleviate pain, restore maximum movement, prevent re-injury and restore wellness. We cater for people of all ages. In order to help our patients reach their full potential, we use mobilisation, massage, exercise, and manipulation. Contact us now to book an appointment or to talk to our chartered physiotherapists.

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Physiotherapy services offered in Cork City & County

– Assess and diagnose condition/injury

– Treat back and neck pain

– Treat joint and soft-tissue injuries

– Physiotherapy for the elderly

– Physiotherapy for people with disabilities

– Treat sports injuries

– Treat foot problems

– Assess feet for orthotics

– Assist with appropriate exercise

– Promote a healthier lifestyle

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